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 At the forefront of Product Placement & Integration Analytics field, Apex Marketing Group has developed predictive analysis tools and methodologies for analyzing Film & TV promotional partnerships to determine either pre-release or post production values for Product Placement/Integration partners for featured films and televisions programs.

By developing key market analytics for our film & TV clients we are able to provide recommendations and expert consulting related to the best path for achieving the core branding objective and to evaluate their investment with a production.

Key elements of the Product Placement/Integration Partners Analysis:

  • Analyze and quantify all brand values and impressions for product placement partners from their exposure related to product integration/placement insertion in featured films or television programs.
  • Apex will conduct necessary research utilizing proprietary product placement evaluation to determine comparative brand value.
  • During any phase of the film/tv show process, using our propriety predictive analytics tools and utilizing film scripts and concepts, Apex will be able to determine:
  • the projected value for a brand/product for the theatrical run
  • the projected value (lifespan) for a brand/product for the post theatrical run – including TV, DVD’s, streaming, and pay channels, for the movies’ life span.
  • The analysis report will show the value that the brand/product will receive from the product integration and will be used to validate the partnership costs with the film/tv show.


Key elements of the Promotional Film/TV Partners analysis:

  • Analyze and quantify all brand values and impressions for Promotional partners from their exposure related to Promotion campaigns surrounding featured films.
  • Conducting necessary research utilizing Apex’s proprietary methodology to determine comparative brand value from aspects in promotional campaigns including;
  • In-Store/Retail: Signage in all locations
  • Co-branded promotion items or products sold
  • In-theater support – promoting the partnership campaign
  • Website and social media elements
  • External promotions on specific merchant website or via any web advertising platform
  • Email blasts to promotional partner’s clients/customers
  • Determine pre-production and ‘real values’ (post campaign)